Privacy Statement

The Privacy Principles

The USC is responsible for the protection of personal information and its fair handling at all times.

We will uphold these nine Privacy Principles:

  1. Accountability
    The USC will appoint a Privacy Administrator (PA). Students will be provided with information as to how to contact the PA with questions or complaints about privacy matters. Excepting extreme and unusual circumstances, the USC commits to responding to requests within thirty calendar-days.
  2. Identifying Purposes
    The purposes for which personal information is collected by The USC will be clearly identified, and the information collected will be confined to that which is reasonably necessary, including collecting information for insurance purposes and emergency contact.
  3. Consent
    The USC will obtain consent when collecting and using personal information. Permission may be express or implicit, written or verbal.
  4. Limiting Collection, Use, Disclosure and Retention
    Personal information will be used by The USC only for the identified purposes for which it was collected. Utilization of collected information for a substantially different purpose requires that consent again be obtained.
    Disclosure of personal information to a third-party will be limited, and the third-party will also be required to agree to a confidentiality clause that protects personal information from being further distributed.
    Except where otherwise required by law, records of personal information that are no longer of use of benefit to the USC will be destroyed within sixty calendar-days of the end of their usefulness.
  5. Accuracy
    The USC will take reasonable measures to ensure personal information is kept up to date, complete, and accurate.
  6. Safeguards
    Personal information will be protected by The USC against loss, theft, and unauthorized access. The degree of security measures exercised will vary with the sensitivity of the personal information collected.
  7. Openness
    The USC will provide information about our policies and staff procedures for the management and protection of personal information.
  8. Individual Access
    Individuals may request to review their personal, request corrections to their information, and withdraw consent and request that the record be destroyed. The USC will respond to such requests within 30 calendar-days.
  9. Provide Recourse
    The USC will be available to investigate all complaints, and appropriate measures will be taken by to correct information handling practices and policies if required. Should resolution not be reached the complaint will be taken to the Canadian Privacy Commissioner.

Full details on our Personal Information Protection Policy can be found at